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The Battlefield

Mordheim – The Battlefield

You created your warband, a group of rough and tough warriors and mercenaries, ready to follow you to hell for the promise of great riches. You gave them swords, axes, bows, armor and anything...


Mordheim – Claiming the Rewards

The bloody skirmish is over… You managed to defend the temple that you barricaded yourself in. You see wounded soldiers running away from the battlefield… You are victorious, and now the time has come...


The Role of the Game Master

In my previous posts, I told you about role playing games, that they are games of imagination, acting and improvisation. I told you about ways to create interesting and deep characters for your games....


Dungeons and Dragons

Whenever you mention a role playing game to someone, there is a big chance that the person that you are talking to is going to think of Dungeons and Dragons straight away. And this...


Role Playing Games

I’ve been writing for the Tabletop Hell blog a couple of months now, bringing you closer to the amazing world of boardgames. I love boardgames, a lot, but my true passion have always been...