Space Hulk, Dreadfleet – Are Limited Runs Wise?

I don’t know about you, but most people who are passionate about SF and tabletop wargaming/roleplaying would go absolutely nuts for a retail-priced copy of Space Hulk. Not the old, accessible one – the new, limited-run edition that sold out ridiculously quickly and left hordes of people sadly awaiting a second run that would never happen. But is this really a good idea?

Think about it this way. If 40k and WFB had been a limited run, there’d be no Games Workshop – at least, not as we know it today, and the same goes for any of their products. Space Hulk is one of the most inventive, fun, and self-contained tabletop games in existence, refined over decades of play. But to have to pay hundreds for a copy, some of them not even whole, limits their value and appeal to tabletop gamers.

Now Dreadfleet has been released, and whether you’re a “try everything once” gamer or an old Gothic player who’s been eye-deep in party poker for years and has finally regained curiosity thanks to the WFB-themed naval game, you might be disappointed once again. It’s a major issue with these games, because honestly – Dreadfleet and Space Hulk have been some of the most inventive and fun games GW has ever put out (a hard choice, believe me), and it’s a shame to see it wasted.

So what do you think? Should Dreadfleet and Space Hulk be put into mass production, or is it a “for the fans” thing? What about fan ten thousand and one, who sat there with credit card in hand only to miss out to people who ordered a second faster than they did? Do you think these games could be just as popular as 40k, or even popular as board games outside the niche genre of tabletop warfare? Let us know – we’d love to hear your thoughts.