Mordheim – Claiming the Rewards

The bloody skirmish is over… You managed to defend the temple that you barricaded yourself in. You see wounded soldiers running away from the battlefield… You are victorious, and now the time has come to claim the treasures that lie within the temple…

Last time I told you about the scenarios and the battlefield of Mordheim. But what happens when the skirmish is over? This is the time when you get to claim the spoils of your hard fought battle! Regardless of who won, both sides will get something out of the battle. Win or lose, you will learn something, won’t you?

The two main things that you get after each battle are Wyrdstone and Experience. Wyrdstone is the thing that all the hype is about in Mordheim. Getting the Wyrdstone is the path that leads to riches. After the battle, for each hero that was left standing you get to roll one six sided die. You add these results together and you consult a chart that will tell you how many pieces of Wyrdstone you picked up. Some special equipment can help you gain bonuses to this roll and help you get even more of the precious stone!

Wyrdstone_2After you find out how many pieces of Wyrdstone you managed to acquire, you can go to the underground peddlers and merchants, and sell your loot! You see, Wyrdstone is very valuable. It is smuggled from Mordheim to the great city of Altdorf (the capital city of the Empire) where mages and sorcerers pay good money for it. It is used in magic rituals to greatly enhance ones ability to control the forces of magic. It can give great power, but it can also eat at ones soul and destroy the body.

And as you can imagine, the more you collect, the more money you will get. And what do you do with money? Yep, you guessed it, buy more equipment and hire more men! Your warband will always need fresh recruits because frequent battling tends to thin the lines of a warband. And you can always use that heavy armor that you couldn’t buy before, can’t you?

Experience! Many things can help you gain experience and battling and bashing your enemies is no different. Your heroes and henchmen both gain experience depending on their actions in the skirmish. For example surviving the battle can give you an XP point, or slaying an enemy figure, or maybe capturing a vital building for the scenario that you are playing.

Every soldier in your warband gains his own experience and everyone has an experience threshold that they must cross over in order to gain an advance. When a model gains and advance you roll on the advancement table and check what your soldier gained. This can be a permanent boost to one of his characteristics, or maybe a special ability that lets him do cooler things on the battlefield (like fire two arrows at once or jump over obstacles with ease).

And that’s it! Keep you men alive and you will soon see that they will grow from inexperienced toddlers with swords to great veterans and dogs of war! To battle!


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