Necron Warriors

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As they are only troop choice to Necron army, you will have at least 20 of them on a field. So it is highly recommended to learn how to use them most efficiently.

Warriors are killer robots with a Gauss flayer (cool pistol/axe). Because of the Phase Out, you’ll usually have more than 20 Warriors in your list.

Apart from normal 6’’ move, Warriors can move in several other options:

Monolith is Warrior's best friend!

Monolith is Warrior's best friend!

- They can move through Monolith. Warriors don’t use movement to move with Monolith’s portal, so they can portal, move, and then assault.

- Because of the We’ll Be Back rule, when Necron stands up, he can be placed anywhere within 2’’ of the unit, it doesn’t need to be exact spot.

- Necron Lord can carry Veil of Darkness, so if he is in the unit, they can deep strike each turn.

This all shows that Warriors unit can be very versatile, so don’t forget all this small bonuses, sometimes they can be crucial for battle.

They are all the same. I like Necrons because they don't have so many options. You just have to learn how to win with Necrons.

They are all the same. I like Necrons because they don't have so many options. You just have to learn how to win with Necrons.

Apart from the same Toughness and Armour Save as Space Marines, they benefit from We’ll be back. That means even if unit dies, half of them are standing next turn ready to fight. Leadership of 10 is a solid replacement for Fearless.

Note that if enemy kills Necron from a Weapon that had double or more Strength than it’s T, or weapons that ignore AS, Necrons can’t benefit from WBB. You also need some other Warriors unit nearby, or if the whole unit is killed, they won’t go back.

As I’ve said above, they are armed with a Gauss Flayer. Weapon is in every way similar to bolter, but with a bonus: you always wound if you get 6 on the roll, or get a glancing hit if you roll 6 when hitting a vehicle. It’s usually good thing to shoot at vehicle with Warriors, 20 Warriors will almost always take care of enemy vehicle.

On the other hand, don’t just shoot on enemy. Try to use rapid fire, and charge afterwards. Necrons are great in CC, and it’s always better to be in combat with weak enemy units that to be shot at the open.

There are no real tactics in using troops with rapid weapons. Try to spread if there is enemies that fire blasts, and gang up when ready for CC. Use portal and Veil as much as you can, getting two shots out of rapid weapon is cool.

I found that most of the time it is better to take two small units than one 20 strong. Only if you are using Monolith you can go with max units, but bear in mind if Monolith is killed before reserves arrive on the field, they won’t show up in that game. So bring at least two Monoliths.

Right amount of Necron Warriors!

Right amount of Necron Warriors!

If you have Lord with Veil of Darkness, don’t put him in any Warriors units. Leave him alone nearby few units, so you can get most benefits, and don’t have to be alarmed if enemy is approaching.

I like my Warriors just as they are. They really don’t need distruption field. Spend those points on something better, take more Necrons at least. 180 points for 10 men unit with We’ll be back rule is all you need.

Being core of the army, and being great in what they are, it’s difficult to use them badly. But learn from mistakes in battles, and soon you’ll be able to use them in the best manner.

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  1. NewNecrons says:

    They seem to be good assaulters from what you say, but normally people on forums say that necrons are REALLY bad at Close Combat.All and all, I’m taking what you say.
    I have high hopes that they are good at Close Combat though, cause I use CC armies.

  2. nir says:

    You can’t rapid fire and assault in the same turn, and they really do suck in close combat, the only advantage they have in that is that they are unlikely to break, and if you are suffering in combat you can warp them through the monolith or with the veil. Otherwise, a good article on Necrons.

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