We were surprised to see that Games Workshop announced their new board game, but the theme was not much of a surprise. Dreadfleet is game of pirates and naval warfare in Warhammer world. I have to honest with you, I love ships and everything about them, and so I already pre-ordered a copy of this game. Know the question is: is it worth it? This game is actually quite expansive. We know that this is GW and that their stuff is generally expansive, but what we don’t know is anything about this game. All that we could find about this game was that it is a game for 2 players and that it has very nice ships.

If you compare Dreadfleet with the Space Hulk, also a board game published by Games Workshop, you are really frustrated. Space Hulk was reprinted in 2009 and it was a reprint of already great game. So people knew what they are getting. When it comes to this game, we know almost nothing, and as it is a limited print, it might get to late to buy one after you can read few review on the internet. This GW’s strategy is quite mean.

Although this game is somewhat a mystery to all of us, we still talk about components. This game is played with ships that are in Warmaster scale, so they are in 10mm scale. This is quite small, but as real ships are huge, it makes these ships big as any Warhammer chariot or something similar. In Dreadfleet there are two sides, one commanded by Imperial Captain, and the other by Vampire Count. Each side has five ships and all of them are different, and each of them belongs t the different race. This game can theoretically be played with ten players, although I believe that it would be quite chaotic and loud.

What made me decide to order this game was the fact that Dreadfleet has awesome ship models. As I mentioned earlier, I am a huge fan of ships. I was searching the internet for long time in order to find board games or tabletop games with naval warfare. I did find a lot of them, and some of them are highly graded, but they all have quite ugly and low quality miniatures. I have to say that I also like when things miniatures look god. Badly designed board game with great mechanics will never became one of my favorites as I think that standards should be set, and design of the board game is very important.

This game will probably use a lot of Warhammer rules or rules similar to existing ones. However, with this game comes a set of different cards that are used to mark different damages that have been dealt to your ship and such. Besides these cards there are also a lot of different terrain pieces and monsters.

Another reason why I decided to buy this game is because it has huge map. Map used in Dreadfleet is almost as big as Warhammer table. This grants you a freedom to try different tactics and maneuvers. And the map is actually a gaming math which is nicely designed.

Until this game is published we can only wait and hope that Games Workshop did a great job this time and that this game will be remembered in the gaming community. As soon as I get my copy I promise I will review every single detail about this game.


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