Runewars – Waiqar The Undying

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In the previous posts we covered three of the four playable races of the Runewars boardgame. We covered the nimble and stealthy Latari Elves, the soldiers and knights of the Daqan Lords and the infernal Uthuk Y’llan!

Now it is time to check out the last available faction of the game, Waiqar the Undying! The Waiqar faction represents a dark and powerful necromancer overlord who commands the power of death! His soldiers are the restless hordes of undead. Dark and terrifying, they will swarm over any enemy…

The undead horde!

So what kind of monstrosities does Waiqar use? As with all the factions, there are four different types of units, and the first one is the Reanimate! The Reanimate is a undead soldier, raised by the necromantic powers to serve a new master in battle. Armed with a sword and a shield, it will be your main front line unit.

The Reanimates work best when in big numbers, because of their special ability, Overrun! Overrun lets them deal two damage as long as there are at least two Reanimates standing in battle. This ability can make them a dangerous foe indeed!

Reanimates! Try to have a lot of these!

The second unit that is available to Waiqar is the Skeleton Archer! Ancient archers, wielding old and powerful bows who restlessly shower your enemies with arrows. They have the special ability called Mortal Strike!

Sounds powerful! It is! If you manage to activate the Mortal Strike ability your archer will automatically destroy one enemy infantry, mage or cavalry unit! This is by far the best ability that an archer unit has, in my opinion. Protect them always!

The next unit that will fill your ranks is the Necromancer! Mages that have sold their souls for the promise of eternal life and necromantic powers, they will be very useful to your dark army.

The Necromancers use their powers to Raise Dead! This power lets you instantly add two additional Reanimates to the current battle! And that’s not all! These Reanimates will stay with your army, even after the battle!

Overwhelm your enemies!

As you can see, a good combo of Necromancers and Reanimates is crucial! The necromancers will raise them and the Reanimates will deal additional damage as long as there are at least two of them. Very nice!

The last unit at your disposal is the Death Knight! These are ancient lords that have been awoken once more to lead armies into battle! They ride magical dark steeds and carry vicious great swords. With the undead horde behind them, they are a terrible sight for your enemies!

The Knights are very powerful! They are a fast unit (move quicker on the board) and they are very tough to kill. In fact, they are as tough as the Uthuk’s Chaos Lords! And let’s not forget their ability, Intimidate! With intimidate you can make the enemy soldiers flee the battle. For each different type of unit in your army, an enemy unit will have to flee, so be sure to diversify your army when you have the Knights.

An impressive figure to lead your army!

There you have it, Waiqar the Undying! The undead have a tactic of overwhelm your enemies and make them suffer! With this you have knowledge of the warring factions of Runewars! I hope you like the races, they are all very nicely designed and are all fun to play. Now get out there and start conquering the land of Terrinoth!   

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