Runewars – Uthuk Y’llan

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In my previous posts I covered two of the four races of the runewars boardgame, the Latari Elves and the Daqan Lords. These are elves and humans, and you could say that they are the “good” races of the game.

Now we are getting to the “evil” races, and the first that I will tell you about are the Uthuk Y’llan (strange name, for a strange race)! The Uthuk are a ferocious barbarian people who have sold their souls to demons for the ultimate power. Accompanied by their infernal masters, they wield the power of hell into battle…

As with the other races, the Uthuk also have four different types of units at their disposal. Their first unit is the Berserker! These are frenzied soldiers, who do not care what happens to them, as long as the enemy is defeated! They have demon blood in their veins, fueling their rage additionally!

The demons are yours to command!

Berserkers have a very nasty special ability, called Fury! Fury represents them rushing into battle and throwing themselves on to the enemy in order to destroy them all. With this ability you can sacrifice a berserker unit in order to deal 2 damage! This lets them destroy tougher opponents with ease, but be careful, you could be left without units quickly!

Their second unit is the Warlock! This is a crazed mage, wielding the very powers of hell against his foes! Fire, flame and blood are his main weapons! The Warlock can use Rain Fire to devastate his enemies. With this ability, you can make your opponents instantly destroy two of their infantry or one of their cavalry units! They are very powerful, but very weak in combat, so protect them well.

Wield the power of the flame!

In addition to these “humans with demon blood”, the Uthuks also use demons, of course. Which brings us to the next unit, the Flesh Ripper! This is a beast that looks similar as an Alien from the “Alien” movies, with the addition of nasty looking spikes on his whole body.

With a pretty name like that, it has to do something interesting. Well, it does. Firstly it is a fast unit, meaning that it will move around the map more quickly than the rest of your army. Secondly it has the Unrelenting ability, which gives it an additional 2 wounds if you manage to activate it! This makes the Flesh Ripper very dangerous, because it can become a fast tank unit.

Flesh Rippers!

The last unit that the Uthuks use is the Chaos Lord! The Chaos Lord is a greater demon from the lowest levels of hell that crushes anything in its path and causes terror and panic amongst mortals that are around it. It is big and very tough to kill!

The Chaos Lord uses his pretty looks to become Terrifying! This ability lets you chose up to two enemy units in battle, whichever you like. These two units will flee the battle immediately or if they are already fleeing, they will be destroyed instantly! This is one of the most powerful abilities in the game in my opinion.

Are you terrified yet?!

The Uthuk Y’llan! A race of chaos and destruction! As you can see their tactic is to inflict maximum damage upon their enemies, while relying on their Flesh Rippers for toughness support. Who can stand against their might? Maybe something from beyond the grave…

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