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The world of Terrinoth and the great races are at war! They are all trying to obtain the powerful Dragon runes! He who controls the runes will control the fate of the world…

In a previous post I told you about the Runewars boardgame. It was a lengthily review, but it is a boardgame that offers much and you can just keep on writing about it. Now, I’m going to tell you a little more about the four races that are battling for the power of the Dragon runes.

Every race has their own style of play and completely different units that they employ in battle. There are four different units per race, each with their unique special ability. I already mentioned that combat in Runewars is resolved with cards instead of dice, and whenever you pull out a card with a special ability icon, your unit can activate its special ability.

The glorious Elven army...

First up, I’m going to tell you about the Latari Elf units. Their main unit is the Archer. Elves, being elves, are very efficient with the bow and no enemy can escape their arrows. The archers are of course killed very easily, but they do have a nice special ability – Crack Shot. With this they can inflict one damage to a target of their choosing (in normal conditions, the receiver of the damage chooses the targets for the damage he receives). With this ability you can easily take down the annoying mages or supporters that are hiding behind main lines.

Their next unit is the Sorceress! A powerful mage of the woods, she is a welcome addition to your Elven army. She has a great support ability called Word of Vaal. This ability makes enemy units flee from the battle, leaving you with fever enemies to battle and making your war much easier.

The sorceresses will save your hide many times in battle...

Up next, the Elven Warrior! These warriors are quite useful. They are slow in battle but they have more wounds than regular warriors of the other races, making them an excellent front line “tank” unit. they also have a nice little special ability called Overpower! With this ability they get to cut down damaged or fleeing enemy units. It is a great combo with your archers or sorceresses, don’t you think?

The last unit of the Latari elves is the Pegasus Rider! This is a very cool unit (a sword wielding elf riding a winged horse, what’s not to like?). It is both a flying (it can cross mountains and other obstacles) and a fast unit (it can move three spaces instead just two). It also has a powerful ability called Charge. With Charge, the Pegasus Rider can chase away either two infantry units or one cavalry unit from the battle.

Flying Elves!

As you see, the Elves have a tactic of strike, rout and chase. If you play them well, your enemies will have a lot of trouble standing against you in battle. But don’t worry, other races also have nasty tricks of their own. But for that, you have to wait for my next post.

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