Runewars – Daqan Lords

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In my previous post, I told you about the Latari Elves! They employ the magic of the woods, their fine crafted bows and plenty of other strange and wondrous things to defeat their enemies and ensure that the dragon runes will be theirs. But what about their enemies? What do they use?

Let’s check out the Daqan Lords! The Daqans are a race of humans with fine weaponry and armor. They employ the power of their knights and technology to overcome the enemy forces.

Their core unit is the Footman! This is a lightly armored soldier that carries a sword and a shield around with him. Easy to produce, they will be your first line of defense in any battle.

The Daqans, ready for battle!

The Footman has a nice little ability called the Valiant Strike! Whenever he damages a unit with the Valiant Strike and the damaged unit survives, it is dealt an additional point of damage. This makes the Footman unit very effective in taking down tougher units with more wounds.

Your second unit is the Bowman! A trooper armed with a bow, useful in damaging tougher enemies, allowing the rest of your forces to crush them more easily. He has an ability called Concentrated Fire! This ability makes the enemy assign the damage dealt by the Bowman to units that have more than one wound. This can help you greatly in taking down cavalry, or big demons, or any units that your enemy wanted to preserve in order to use them against your tougher units.

The third unit of the Daqan Lords is the Knight! Heavily armored cavalry, they ride great warhorses in battle and strike hard at your enemies, they are the pride of the Daqan Lords!

Knights, pride of the daqans!

The knights are very useful. Firstly, they are tougher than your infantry troops because they have more wounds. Secondly, they are a fast unit, which lets them get to the action quicker and more easily. And their special ability is pretty nice also – Command!

With command, you do two things. The first is to make an enemy unit flee the battle, making the battle much easier for your army. The second thing that your Knights let you do is to draw a “tactics” card.

Tactics cards are very useful, and they can help you in many ways. You can make your units stop fleeing a battle, or spawn neutral units on the board, gain additional influence and so on. The more you have, the better, and your Knights are there to help you get more!

Tactics cards can help you in many ways...

The last unit that you will get to use with the Daqans is the Siege Tower! This big mechanical monster will cause fear in your enemies, once they start rolling, there will be no stopping you.

The Siege Tower is very hard to kill and it has the ability called Lay Siege (makes sense, it is a siege tower after all). This ability gives you +2 to your army strength when determining the victor of the battle. This basically means that your army will always be larger than it actually has units in it, and this can mean the difference between losing and winning the battle!

Daqan lords figures (blue)

The Daqan Lords! Armored troopers, knights and machines! What more can you need! Their tactics in combat is to overwhelm, tire out and destroy their enemies with no mercy! Two more races remain for me to tell you about, both fun with their unique weaponry.

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