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The lands of Eredane have fallen under a shadow. A dark god, named Izador, tricked his brothers of light and took over the lands that they watched over for centuries. He has cut of their influence from Eredane and now only his dark priests, called Legates, can draw power from him. With his great army of orcs, he hunts down dwarfs, elves and halflings, while he enslaves the human race.

But all is not lost. There is a rebellion that stands against Izador and his Legates. They are the great heroes of this dark time. They come from these hunted and enslaved races and they will fight until their last breath…

Midnight is a big box expansion to the Runebound boardgame. It is a completely new experience to play. Midnight changes the rules of the game and lets you become mighty heroes of the rebellion in the land of Eredane. But one of the players will take on the role of a dark lieutenant of Izador, and he will command a great army of orcs, racing to destroy the heroes and crush the resistance forever…

A completely new map for you to play on

A completely new map for you to play on

This is the biggest addition that Midnight brings to the Runebound game. There are four dark lieutenants that work for Izador. They are known as Night Kings through the land. every time you begin a game, one of the players selects one of these Kings to play and he will become the villain that the heroes will have to defeat.

Each Night King is represented by a Night King sheet and each has a dangerous special ability to use against the heroes. Besides that, Night Kings use the gold that they steal from their captured towns to strengthen their own troops.

The Night King sheets

The Night King sheets

The heroes in Midnight work a little differently. They are not big shiny knights like in other games, but rather a last effort to defeat a great evil in a dark and dangerous land. They will not be welcomed in towns like in the core game, but rather they must negotiate with the peasants to let them in, or try to sneak into the city unnoticed. They are rebels after all, and Izador’s orcs occupy all the towns.

They will have to scavenge for equipment outside of towns, and try to avoid orc patrols that move effortlessly to find them. Being a hero is not an easy thing in Eredane! But the benefit that the heroes have, is that equipment of Eredane is magical in nature and as the heroes grow in level, so will their equipment!

New heroes await you in the Midnight expansion

New heroes await you in the Midnight expansion

Hope remains! Hidden in orc stronghold are Izador’s Black Mirrors. With these  magical mirrors he manages to keep his hold on Eredane. If the heroes manage to infiltrate the strongholds and destroy enough of these mirrors, Izador’s influence will be shattered and their people might be free again.

The Midnight expansion is pretty awesome! This is the first time that you have one player as a common enemy that the others must work against, in a Runebound game. If you like the Runebound boardgame and you want to see a different way that you could play it, then Midnight is definitely for you. You are the only hope of the land of Eredane!

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