WW2 board games

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When it comes to choosing your favorite setting, I would always say that my favorite setting is WW2. In general, WW2 was very interesting and now days there are a lot of people who find it interesting. WW2 fans are not only people who read about it, but also people who play WW2 game, like old WW2 movies, like the way the war was fought back then and so on. I started long time ago, as a kid, to assemble different WW2 airplanes and tanks. And later that hobby grew and now I like all sort of miniatures and models. What is probably the most interesting when it comes to WW2 is that it was real and that makes people understand the whole situation even when it comes to different games. And that the technologies back then was very interesting and very advanced for their time.

Like there are a lot of different PC games that are based on WW2, there are also a lot of board games with the similar story. I have to say that I tried every single WW2 board game that I could find. These games are very different one form another and people tried to make something new every time.

Memoire 44

First WW2 game I ever played was Moscow 1941: The Enemy at the Gates. This game was in fact bought by my father back in 1988. This game was also my first board game. It is a bit difficult to learn as it has a lot of tokens instead of minis and each unit is marked with its name or number, so it really takes time to learn to play this game. The game itself lasted very long. My favorite part is probably the map, as it is very realistic.

Another very popular WW2 game is Memoire ’44. This is very nice and easy game, very quick and almost for everyone. I forgot to mention that almost all WW2 games are two player games, and so is this one. This is a dice rolling game that uses different order cards in order to move your units. There are different expansions with new maps and scenarios, but the core game is very nice by itself. Every scenario is different and they are all historically correct.

Moscow 1941

Now we move to more difficult and high quality games. Tide of Iron is very popular WW2 game published by FFG. This game uses different miniatures to represent different unit types. It also has different scenarios that you play, but these scenarios are not based on real WW2 battles. This is very nice game with few expansions that add more nations and scenarios. If you are looking for WW2 board game this is definitely it.

Tide of Iron

And last but not least, probably the most famous WW2 game in the world: Flames of War. This is a tabletop game that uses 15mm miniatures. Game is not that difficult and rules are quite simple. However, this game has so much sourcebooks and different division books that it can really get confusing. Great thing about it is that you can play almost every battle that happened in WW2. You even have to choose between early, mid and late war.

As a huge fan of WW2, I always like to play any of these games. These are probably not the most popular and the best games I have run into but there are games that I always mention when someone asks about WW2 games. There is also a game called Combat Commander: Europe, but that game is so awesome that I will devote the whole article to that game some time soon.

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