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So finally that moment came and Fantasy Flight Games released long waited Blood Bowl Team Manager. Well this game was released some time ago but I never got a chance to play it. I will have my copy within a week or two, however, I am so impatient that I already learned the rules and read everything there is to be found about this game. This game is actually a dream come true for Blood Bowl fans. Although, Blood Bowl can never be replaced this game is a nice addition to entire Blood Bowl story.

Blood Bowl Team Manager box

Blood Bowl Team Manager is a game for 2 to 4 players made by Fantasy Flight Games. I believe that this game is great as FFG is my favorite publisher and their work is simply amazing. This is a card game, but not an ordinary Blood Bowl game. Unlike in Blood Bowl, in Team Manager you actually never play entire game or tournament. Here your goal is to lead your team throughout a season. At the end of the season, which lasts for five weeks or 5 gaming rounds, manager with the most fans wins the game.

Blood Bowl Team Manager is a card game with some additional stuff. Besides cards every player has his own scoreboard with two dials to track how many fans are supporting his team. There are also two dice that are used to tackle opponent player. You might ask, why would you tackle anyone if you are not playing entire game? Well, here you actually only fight over different newspaper highlights or tournaments that are played similarly.

Game in progress

Card illustrations are amazing. There are more than 200 different cards, both small and standard american cards. Each player has a deck of twelve players and a bunch of different team upgrade cards and such. Besides these decks there are also Highlight cards, stuff upgrade cards and Spike! magazine cards. Star player cards are divided into two groups depending on to which union your team belongs to. And of course, there are different tokens. Some tokens are used for easier play and some are used for cheating. Yes of course you can cheat, This is the Blood Bowl, a game of violence and cheating.

This game is consists of three phases in which managers prepare their players for upcoming games and such. However, the highlight of this game is the Matchup phase. In this phase you fight for your dominance and for your popularity. This is done by competing for different highlights or playing tournaments. During this phase you can tackle, cheat and what not to win your team a highlight.

Card samples

Interesting thing about cheating is that you have players that like to cheat and you can do nothing about it. In fact, only thing that you can do is to not allow them to play. But you always must take a risk in order to be successful. Cheating is resolved by drawing cheating tokens facedown. Each of this tokens has a different symbol and when resolved can grant you more fans, increase the power of your player or even get him kicked out from the game by the referee.

I believe that this an awesome game and I can’t wait to play it. I already got all the card sleeves you need for this game so that I am prepared when I finally have it.

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