Runewars – Part 4

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Part 4! Let’s try to wrap this monster of a boardgame up, at least as much as we can. I told you about plenty of things up until now. Things like the factions that you can play, the board and resources. I told you about the Dragon Runes and I started talking about the order cards that you use while playing.

We already covered the strategize, mobilize and conquest orders. Now on to the ones that help you build new things and gather precious resources.

4- Harvest. This is one of the most important orders that you have, because it helps you take advantage of all those resources that you control. When you harvest, you set your resource trackers, on your faction sheet, to match the number of resources that you control on your territories. You don’t add new resources, you always sort of reset your resource trackers. So, controlling more territories means more resources. The supremacy bonus allows you to build a “development”.

What are developments? They are additions to your strongholds. Each stronghold may have only one development and they give you different bonuses, like drawing tactics cards or more resources.

5- Recruit. Every resource type (food, wood and ore) allows you to recruit some units. With recruit, you select one resource type and take those units. You can then place them in areas that contain a stronghold. With the supremacy bonus, you can recruit units from an additional resource type.

6- Rally support. During your conquests, you will be able to capture and control cities. Every city that you control can give you some benefits, like additional troops, tactics, quests for your heroes and influence. With this order, you gain these benefits. With the supremacy bonus, you can recruit an additional hero to your cause.

7- Acquire power. This order allows you to gain “influence” based on your resource trackers. Influence is represented by tokens and it is spent on things like bidding, diplomacy with neutral units and so on. The supremacy of this card allows you to claim a title. Titles are very useful benefits that are granted to you as long as you claim them. Opponents can try to take them away from you by spending their influence.

8- Fortify. Finally, the last order card! Fortify allows you to do one of three different things. First, and most important, you can build a new stronghold in an area that you control. Strongholds are very useful for defending and allow you to recruit more troops in that area. Second, you can repair a stronghold (they can get damaged during the game and while damaged they give a smaller defense value).

Lastly, you can take two rune tokens in areas that you control and switch them. This is a very interesting tactic of confusing your opponents and hiding the runes. And, of course, you will usually want your runes to stand on better defended positions.

One more interesting thing about the orders. Every order has a number on it (the numbers that I used to present them in the reviews). That number represents your turn order in that round. So not only you have to plan them carefully, but you will have to plan your turn order while selecting an order to play.

This was a giant of a review, but this game is definitely worth it. As you might have imagined, there is a lot more to tell about Runewars, and I will probably return and speak more about it in future posts, but for now I wish you a lot of fun with it.

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