Runewars – Part 1

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The land of Terrinoth is at the brink of war. Four great and powerful races are preparing to battle for the ancient dragon runes. He who controls these artifacts shall have the power to dominate all and to rule Terrinoth for centuries to come…

Runewars is a boardgame of epic, fantasy battle and adventure. It is playable by 2 to 4 players, and each player will become a ruler of a fantasy faction. You will muster great  armies, build outposts, wage wars, while heroes that work for you will adventure through the world, seeking powerful items and artifacts that will make your conquests easier.

When talking about a fantasy conquest boardgame, Runewars is probably the best one out there. The first thing that you notice about it are definitely the components. There are a lot of plastic figures in this game. A lot! every race has four different types of soldiers and you have neutral units. When you add to that hero miniatures, you get a lot!

A lot of cool figures!

A lot of cool figures!

The board itself is modular, with awesome illustrations of plains, deserts, forests and so on… Each game you play, your battlefield will always be different. One of the coolest things about the board is that the mountains are not drawn on the board pieces, but are, instead, represented by little mountain models, which gives you a feel of a true 3D world. Very nice detail, I must say.

So when starting to play Runewars, the first thing that you will do is create the battlefield or the world. Each player will get two board pieces to place down as he likes. There are, of course, some restrictions how to do this. After the board is complete, the last pieces that are added to it are the factions home realms.

The battle is on!

The battle is on!

Let’s check out the factions! There are four of them, and they are completely different, they have different soldiers and tactics of play. Every one of them is pretty cool and they really make you feel like a fantasy general.

We have the Latari Elves. They are the forest dwelling elves with great archers, and the power of nature at their command. The Daqan Lords, a human race with great siege technology, knights and plenty of battle ready man-at-arms. The Uthuk Y’llan, a barbaric war hungry people that have sold their souls to demons. They command the unholy  powers of hell into battle. And the last faction is Waiqar the Undying, the undead arch lord. This faction commands hordes of undead and necromancers that guide them to battle. They will overrun the living if given the chance to do so…

You can't stop until you get the runes!

You can't stop until you get the runes!

There are also neutral units that you can slay or try to negotiate with. They are placed on predefined spots on the board. Razorbacks, Beastmen, Giants and even mighty Dragons will roam the lands, ready to oppose you. But if you manage to diplomatically influence them, they will become powerful allies.

After selecting the faction that you want to play, you also receive that faction’s sheet. On this sheet, you have all the information about your faction, its soldiers and the resource trackers. There are three resources in Runewars: food, wood and ore. You will have to create a steady income of all three if you want to dominate the other races.

The faction sheet of Uthuk Y'llan...

The faction sheet of Uthuk Y'llan...

Well, I told you about the races, faction sheets, resources and the board. In my next post we’ll cover the playing mechanic of the game. It is very interesting but you will have to wait and see.

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