How much do you love your board games?

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I know that some people find it funny and ridiculous how others approach their hobbies. I am a board game enthusiast and I know how some people react when I tell that how seriously I take my board games. As with every hobby our board games and miniatures are very important to us and we will do anything to protect it. Some people will not take you for a geek for playing a board game, but for the way you take care of your things. I am not one of those that are prone to suicide if their miniature has lost an arm or a drop of juice is found on a gaming board. I seriously am not, however, I like to organize my things and protect them, not only because they may be ruined, but also because they look much better that way some times.

There is a numerous ways to protect your games. I will describe some of the things I do to protect my games. As I said before I am not a perfectionist when it comes to protection of my games, so I always try to find the cheapest way.

You can always use varnish for miniatures for your board games

One of the first things that I do when I open a new board game is to protect gaming tokens, if there are any. This came to me one day and I keep practicing it every time I buy a new board game. Gaming tokens are rubbed threw your hands and to be honest, your hands are not always perfectly clean, that is one of the reasons we protect our games. While tokes are still on one place, as one piece of cardboard, I take matt or gloss varnish and spray it on the tokes. I repeat this few times so that I apply more layers of varnish. Different products may be used, varnish for miniatures in spray cans, varnishes for airbrush or even a hair spray. This last one is the cheapest of them all and works just fine. Your tokens might even have a nice smell for some time.

Card sleeves come in different sizes and colors

The second thing that is usually ruined in your board games are cards. There is very simple way to protect them. You can always buy a card sleeves. These card sleeves are not supposed to be very expansive, although some gaming companies make their own sleeves in different dimensions and for different games, and these might cost a little more. If you have time and you want to protect your cards even better, you can always laminate your cards. Just before you do so, read more about laminating techniques or take your cards to a professional. I like to have my cards in card sleeves, although I prefer to laminate reference sheets and character sheets, as people always have their beer next to it.

You can use Magic the Gathering card boxes for your board games

And finally what you can do is to put all those things into nice boxes. This is not only to look better but your things will also be more organized. You can find on the internet different PDFs for different games, that you just print, cut and make your own card or token boxes. I always like to have all components separated one from the other. One of my favorite things to do is to have all my tokens separated. You might think that this is difficult, as many games have a lot of different tokens, but it is not. Just take small plastic tool box or any box that you can find in your hardware store. These boxes are light and they have enough space to put all your tokens divided on from the other.

f you take it from a garage make sure that your dad doesn't find out

I know that we take care of our board games more then we should but that is what we love and what we like to protect and to have for long time. There is one advertisement Fantasy Flight Game card that you get when you Buy Chaos in the Old World, that says: “Don’t let your enemies corrupt your cards”. This is from a card sleeve advertisement.

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