Battle Report: Warriors of Chaos VS Skaven

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Here is another battle report between Warriors of Chaos and Skaven. This game was a part of our training practice for European Team Championship. By the end of this weekend we have to send our army lists so we are working on making them batter and trying them indefinitely. This game was very interesting as we tried things that we usually won’t risk trying on tournaments and came with some very good results. Although game unfortunately ended when Chaos army was wiped out entirely, this has to be one of my all time favorites as my opponent is one of the most pleasant guys to play against.

Just to remind readers that are not familiar, we are playing by ETC army composition and with their restrictions. In earlier articles I mentioned what kind of restrictions there are and something about army composition.

Warriors of Chaos army:

Sorcerer Lord (general, level 4 wizard, lore of shadow)

Exalted Hero of Tzeentch (BSB)

Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch (mark of Tzeentch, disk of Tzeentch, level 2 wizard)

3x 5 Warhaounds

40 Chaos Marauders of Khorne with great weapons

18 Chaos Warriors of Khorne

18 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch

7 Chaos Knights of Slaanesh


On the other side there were my ratmen. I haven’t changed my list a lot since last battle report, however, I am not going to be lazy and I will write it down for those that haven’t read my battle reports earlier.

Skaven army:

Grey Seer ( general, wizard level 4)

Chieftain (BSB)

Plague Priest with Plague Furnace and 25 Plague Monks

Warlock Engineer (Doom Rocket)

Warlock Engineer (Brass Orb)

2×35 Clanrats ( one unit with Ratling gun and another with Warpfire thrower)

2x 40 Skavenslaves

2x 5 Giant Rats with Pack master

2×6 Gutter Runners with poison attacks


Hellpit Abomination

Warp-lightning Warp Cannon

For entire battle there was no terrain of any significance except maybe for one hill that Warp-lightning cannon was deployed on.  There were three hills, two forests and two fields. As terrain was not that important I will only say that Skaven side had one hill and cannon was deployed there.

Left Chaos flank with Hellcannon

I have to apologies for lack of photos, but I will try to describe deployment as closely as possible. Chaos player placed from left to right: in far left flank Warhounds, to their right unit of Marauders then two units of Warriors first Khorne and then Tzeentch. After that there were two units of Warhounds filling the empty space.  I never paid much attention to these guys, and this time I was surprised how my friend used them just to buy some more time and see where I will deploy mine expansive units. In far right flank he deployed Knight and Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch on disk. Hellcannon was in the second line behind Warriors and Warhounds in far left corner.

Skaven deployment was as follows: starting from the left flank there was Hellpit Abomination with Giant rats, cannon on the hill and one unit of Skavenslaves. HPA was deployed in front of Chaos Knight and with only one purpose. Then after slaves there were two units of Clanrats and than Plague Furnace. On the right flank I had deployed Skavenslaves, Giant rats and Doomwheel. One unit of Gutter Runners was placed 12” from Sorcerer on disk and another one was of the battlefield, in attempt to appear later.

I hope you got the picture. Latter you will understand more when units start to move and when they engage in close combat. Dice was rolled and first to play was Chaos.

Turn 1: Chaos

There were no charges and not much of a movement. Every Chaos unit moved forward but not much, only for their normal movement except for Knight that run forward as close as possible to HPA. Before I move to magic phase, I have to say that through entire game winds of magic were blowing strong and we were casting spells like crazy. In magic phase Chaos player casted that spell with D6+1 hits and D6+1 strength on Abomination. I had to use my Dispel scroll on this one as that spell has flame attacks and I didn’t want to risk losing HPA. There were no more spells of any significance and worth mentioning. In the shooting phase disaster happened. Hellcannon misfired and on misfire chart rolled 1 which meant that it was destroyed along with few models around it. Few Marauders died as well as few Warhouds. This was end for Hellcannon and any shooting for Chaos player for entire game.

This is something you never want to see

Turn 1: Skaven

I didn’t want to risk and charge so I moved every unit only for 5” forward. Only two units that were moving more were HPA and Doomwheel. Abomination tried to charge Knight but came short and was only few inches from Chaos Knight. Doomwheel moved 13” and was just in place to shoot at Warhounds. In magic phase Plague Priest casted Plague on Marauders and killed around 12 of them and then spell jumped on Warriors and killed one or two of them. Grey Seer casted Scorch and killed two Warriors. Highlight of the magic phase was Skiterleap spell, that was casted on Engineer with Doom Rocket. I placed him so that he had two unit of Warriors and Marauders in line. In shooting phase DoomWheel killed what remained of the Warhounds. Cannon shot was too short. Gutter Runners shot at Sorcerer on disk but effortlessly. Ratling gun misfired but without any serious consequences. And finally Engineer shot his Doom Rocket and managed to kill three Warriors from one unit and two fro the other.

Battle between Chaos Knight and Abomination

Turn 2: Chaos

In second turn Knights charged HellPit Abomination, end everyone else move very close to my units. In magic phase Chaos general casted a spell on Warriors and gave them Strength 8. This only made me wait for entire turn to charge them with Plague Furnace. And few Clanrats from generals unit were dead due to some spells. There was no shooting as Hellcannon was dead and so came the close combat. In combat between Knights and Abomination, Knights had a chance to hit first. Two wounds were made and I managed to save both of them with regeneration. HPA got 6 on special attack chart witch mean Str 6 hit to every model in contact and 2D6 autohits into unit in contact. Aboomination killed few of them, making them flee. Unfortunately for the Knight, HPA was faster and Knights were dead.

Situation on the battlefield after Chaos player second turn

This was first part of this battle report. Tomorrow I will finish describing this battle. Many things have happened and I am leaving best part for later. I hope you like what you have read so far.

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