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I recently wrote an article about Maelstrom Games, web retailer for many games. Since recently, Maelstrom widened their offer with one very interesting option: they made their own miniatures. Banelegions started about year ago, I think they announced it at ETC (European Team Championship) 2010. Since there were two tournaments, one fantasy, another Warhammer 40k, [...]

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Blood Bowl: Advanced rules

May 10, 2011 No Comments by

In this article I will explain some of the “advance” rules in Blood Bowl. In rule book these rules are called extra rules, but I can’t imagine playing Blood Bowl without these rules. This rules and ability to modify your team throughout a season is what makes this game so special and real. When playing [...]

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Seamus, the Mad Hatter

May 09, 2011 No Comments by

Alice in Wonderland has the Mad Hatter. Although Johnny Depp played the role perfectly, I just couldn’t believe that Mad Hatter in Alice didn’t look like a Seamus from Malifaux. IMO, sculptor of the Seamus mini had in mind the greatest Mad Hatter ever. In Malifaux, Seamus is a lunatic who possess the art of [...]

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Convict Gunslinger

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In world of Malifaux convicted criminals usually work in mines for their Earthside and Malifauxside crimes. Few of them ever have a chance to escape, but if they do, they are constantly being chased by the Guild. One of those lucky enough to escape is Convict Gunslinger. Constantly on the move, he travels around the [...]

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Blood Bowl

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It all started when after battle Dwarfs and Orcs accidentally found ancient scripts that described some sort of violent sport. As battle was to last for some time, they decided to end it with one game of this weird sport. It was real bloodshed as no one knew the rules of the game and didn’t [...]

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“Off with their heads!” – was one of the most common phrases used by the French rulers. Louises, all 16, were merciless to the oppressed classes of their society, and often cried out the aforementioned words because of irrelevant mistakes that anyone committed. People did not like it, organized a bourgeois revolution, in which they [...]

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Long before the Breach was reopened, Victoria traveled the known world and worked as bounty hunter. She was passionate about collecting all sorts of things from different places. On one of her travels she got her hands around Masamune Nihonto, a legend among swords, sword that anyone from this world and from the other wanted [...]

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Maelstrom Games

May 04, 2011 No Comments by

I actually have no idea when was the first time I found about Maelstrom Games, but I’ve been a loyal customer ever since. It was one of many days I was surfing the internet in a lack of anything better to do, being too lazy to paint some of those hordes of miniatures on my [...]

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Steam Tank

May 03, 2011 No Comments by

Steam Tank is so rare and powerful that only in time of war it is allowed to be used. Powered by steam, this machine is capable of doing things above imagination. In battle Engineer Commander direct steam to different parts of the tank, as all parts are steam-driven. This is a delicate work as steam [...]

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Nicodem, the undertaker

May 02, 2011 No Comments by

I love the fluff of Resurrectionists. Being bunch of crazies, each of Res masters possesses unique character.  Nicodem is no exception to this fact. As he is only undertaker in town, people got used to him. His appearance is of a typical undertaker, aside from his left, cyborg leg. He is eloquent and well spoken, [...]

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