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When I was a little boy, I heard a story called Kingdom of Death. It was about a king who wanted to lead his mighty army to conquer the whole world. Somewhere far, they stumbled across a land that was very hostile, and the fog was so think that men couldn’t see their noses. They felt the sharp stones beneath them, but didn’t stop nonetheless. Somewhere in that darkness suddenly a voice would speak: “Whoever takes stones from this land, will regret, and who doesn’t take any, will also regret”. Some took the stones, while others didn’t bother to do so. When they finally get out of that kingdom of shadow, they realized that those were jewels and gems. The ones who took the stones regretted because they didn’t take enough, and the ones who didn’t take any regretted for they had nothing. At the end they all killed themselves in a fight for those gems.

I know that this story had nothing to do with a Kingdom Death, but it’s a dark story as much as Kingdom Death is a dark boutique. Kingdom Death is a store that sells a fine, resin miniatures with a horror and morbid appearance.

A masterpiece, painted perfectly...

A masterpiece, painted perfectly...

First time I saw a Kingdom Death works was at a release of the Wet Nurse. A large demon creature that is filled with boobs, that have tangles to some pregnant women nearby. The demonic creature was so well sculpted, that though the model didn’t have any use for wargames, it was sold in less than 24 hours from its release. I was amazed by the model myself, but my wallet isn’t that fat. So I bookmarked the site and moved on.

Wet Nurse

Wet Nurse

Since then, I’m regularly visiting their store. So many models they published, and all of them are great sculpts. So many details, so many work is invested in each model. They are worth every penny.

I’m a sucker for pin-up models and I love those from Kingdom Death. There are White Speaker, Preacher, Forsaker and Twilight Knight. Although too pricey for my student wallet, I’m saving to buy at least one of those aforementioned models.

Twilight Knight

Twilight Knight

What strikes me the most about the Kingdom Death models, aside the quality and details, is an effort put into a package of the model. The box made unique for the model, as it’s usually a 100 models limited series, is very nice and is something that I’d buy a model when I’d see it in my LGS. So it’s unfortunate to see that Kingdom Death can only sell you direct or over the Coolminiornot. IMO, they would have a massive sales through some web retailers like Maelstrom games or similar.

White Speaker

White Speaker

Only thing I find as a negative, is they announcement of the board game. I don’t like the fact that they are searching a space to sell those minis in large quantity as a board. I’d like to work out for them, but my experience is telling me that usually project of the board takes too much space and effort, and sculptors don’t have enough time to commit completely on new miniatures.

All in all, Kingdom Death is certainly a company in rise, so stay tuned for more models out of this great boutique!

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  1. Largo says:

    OMG where i can buy thеsе miniatures?

  2. TabletopHell says:

    Unfortunately, only through their store or Coolminiornot site. That’s the main reason why I don’t possess any Kingdom Death minis in collection yet.

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