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I was stunned at first when one author of Ludology podcast said he has more than 1400 games.

I have a friend who long ago set one goal, to have 365 games, so he can play different one every night. Since then, he is slowly collecting, over 10 years he collected 320 games. I also wonder is that too much?

Maybe that question isn’t the right one; I think that hoarding isn’t about quantity. Ok, it definitely is, but the whole point is to know what all those games are for. In this world full of materialism, we all have much more things than we actually need.

Some of us have lot of spare time, and they choose to play games with friends a lot. Others have so many obligations that just don’t have free time to play even once a week. Students tend to play more, but working people have more money to spend on games. So usually guys who have the least time to play, have much more games than gamers that are usual in LGS.

Don't turn your room into a gaming club. There are LGS for that use...

Don't turn your room into a gaming club. There are LGS for that use...

I have to confess that I had a “hoarding habit” for a while: I bought lot game-related stuff from friends and guys over some local gaming Forums. Soon I had thousands of miniatures on my shelves, and lot of board and card games. It took some time to realize that I don’t need that much models, and that I won’t play with most of them.

Only because something is cheap, doesn’t mean you need it. Yes, there are many of us who like to buy models to have in collection, and I respect that, but I calculated that I won’t be able to paint all those models in my lifetime. Most of them would be collecting dust, and they won’t be painted at all.


There is nothing wrong to have lot of games, but don't forget that collecting can easily turn to hoarding!

There is nothing wrong to have lot of games, but don't forget that collecting can easily turn to hoarding!

So I made a list of everything I own: miniatures, card games and boards. I had 5 almost complete Warhammer armies for 7th edition (I lacked some models that would transform them into competitive lists), 5 40k competitive lists, all Warmachine MKI and Hordes MKI armies (didn’t have all the warlocks and beasts (only the competitive lists)), and many more for some other systems. There were lot of partial Warhammer and 40k armies, but I’ve decided to limit myself to 5 armies of each, to sell or donate other models, and to limit myself and not to buy any more miniatures for different armies. I sold everything for 50% of the retail prices, donated many models to friends and gamers nearby, I even donated two small armies to friend who lived in a small town that had no gamers at the time. The more I got rid of, the more people showed up to play games I liked and had. So soon we had bigger community only because I got rid of the things I didn’t need.

I think the main purpose of games is to have fun with them. Games are for playing and not for hoarding. It’s a great feeling when you play some game you’d otherwise never play, only because you gifted it to local community.

Spring started not long ago, so it’s time for a spring cleaning of your games. Get rid of the things you don’t need, and see the growth of gaming community, all because of you. It’s a win-win situation!

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